Hi there,

I’m SquareKat, a normal person, just like you. I grew up in South Africa for 10 years before moving to England, where I stayed and studied and worked for almost 13 years before giving it all up to move abroad and work as an English teacher.

Before I did all that, I travelled to Indonesia to visit a friend and simply fell in love with the country and all things travel. My mind was blown by how much we could do in a month on so little money.

I moved to a small town in South Korea and managed to travel on my own for four weeks between finishing my contract and going home. Since then, I have worked in South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand. I have made it to 42 countries so far, with a long long list of places I’d like to visit.

It all seems so simple, probably because it was a lot easier than I ever thought it would be.

I have been surprised to learn that if you want to travel and see the world, it is not only possible, but so so accessible. This is my guide. My life. My lifestyle. Take what you can and ask questions. You’re here for a reason, so make sure you get what you came for. Ask questions, make comments, share experiences and live life!

Love and hugs,