Where: The Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE

When: 29th May 2016

Type of attraction: Aquarium and Underwater Zoo in the middle of a huge mall.

Why: Well, why wouldn’t you want to go to a huge aquarium!?

Price: 120 AED each (£23) for three sections of the aquarium


This is one of the few things my friend and I decided on before we went for our weekend away. I thought we might struggle to find the aquarium, but then how hard would it be to find a huge aquarium in the middle of a mall? Now, the Dubai Mall is HUGE. We spent about 12 hours there on the Friday and still didn’t see everything!


There are a lot of options and activities to do in the aquarium, and there are a lot of happy looking fish. We chose to do the tunnel, underwater zoo, simulator and boat ride for £23! It was pretty busy, especially in the tunnel and underwater zoo, but once we made it up to the simulator it was way better. It was an interesting experience and I’m glad we did it.


Service: The staff were very friendly and helpful at all times.

Favourite part: The penguins or the crocodiles, perhaps the sharks. Animals in general I would say.

Can be improved: Signposting! It was very easy to get lost and we had to back track a little to get where we needed to be. The staff were always there to point us in the right direction though, but a guy and his daughter made their way to the underwater zoo to be told that he needed to buy a ticket all the way two floors down at the front desk, so he had to back track to resolve this.

Returnability: I wouldn’t go back unless I was going to do the dive, but then I would prefer to do that in open water. But, you should go!

Have you been here? What did you think? What was your favourite part of Dubai?